​​Bespoke consultations can be offered to provide a reflective space to consider a young person's needs and to develop understanding, as well as to consider specific challenges or issues and how to respond to them in attachment/trauma-focussed ways. They may be attended by individuals or whole networks and may cover topics including: 

          Management of emotions/behaviours                                                                

         Specific behaviours (i.e. aggression, sexualised behaviour, self-harm/suicidal thinking, nightmares, dysreguation etc..)                  

         Helping the young person to understand their story

         Transitions and educational needs

         Skills in therapeutic parenting                                     




Bespoke and specialist training is available on topics including:

          Attachment theory                                   Therapeutic re-parenting                          Managing risky behaviours

          Attachment & development                      Understanding specific behaviours             Sexualised behaviours

          Early trauma & development                     Loss & bereavement                                 Attachment needs in school  


Synchrony Psychology is committed to offering training  that is flexible and creative and so if there is an identified need that is not met by any of the above, attempts will be made to tailor a package of training to suit. Training can be offered to small or large groups, over varying durations to meet your needs. 


Supervision can be offered to a range of professionals, including those within social care, education and healthcare professions. This can be tailored to suit the supervisee in terms of frequency, duration and approach used. It can also be offered to individuals or groups depending on your need.  

Supervision through Synchrony Psychology is aimed at providing a safe and confidential environment in which practitioners can consider their own practice, as well as exploring the impact of this work on them as individuals. Supervision can be used to develop theoretical and clinical thinking, with a psychological perspective incorporated.

A package of therapy can be offered directly to young people (and their parents/carers), designed according to their assessed and specific needs. Theraplay-informed practice and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) are the primary models of therapy offered but these can be combined with the use of other psychological therapies in order to provide the best fit possible.

Bespoke psychological assessments can also be undertaken with young people that offer a comprehensive psychological formulation to be developed to improve the understanding of a young person and to inform decision-making around their care and the support they need.